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Mayssa, Carl et Maya habitent à Beirut, capitale du Liban, pays doublement confiné, d’une part à cause du Corona Virus et d’une autre part à cause de sa situation géopolitique.

Lors de ce Tok Chow nous allons parler du Liban, de sa vie culturelle, sa situation géo-politique et surtout de la vie des musiciens et musiciennes libanais. Les trois artistes nous proposeront aussi un live entre les discussions.

Mayssa Jallad

Mayssa Jallad is a singer, songwriter and urban researcher based in Beirut. She is the voice behind Lebanese indie band Safar, After a few years studying and working in New York, Jallad moved back to Beirut to pursue a career in research and to write music about the city. She is currently working on a new project entitled Marjaa.
instagram @mayssajallad

Carl Ferneiné from Loopstache

Loopstache started as a YouTube cover band, releasing renditions of songs they like, with videos they’d film, in 2013. Progressively the project switched to an original one the release of their first album ‘LOOPSTACHE’ in 2014.
The band played in many cities in Lebanon, from small bars to big festivals, to major clubs, and also got a few gigs in the region (UAE, Egypt, Jordan), as well as Paris, Loopstache are preparing the release of their second album ‘Hypercube’, a collaborative album featuring different artist from the local scene. Loopstache is also interested in Arab/Oriental electro fusion music, their very first remix was released last November and it’s Samira Tawfik’s classic: GAHWA.


Maya Aghniadis is a musical wizard and multi–instrumentalist from Lebanon. With her musical project Flugen, she creates her own blend of ethnic beats and soulful melodies, mixing it with the splendor of classical movie soundtracks and ambient sound effects.


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